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  • How long is each session and can I have fortnightly counselling?
    Each session lasts a "counselling hour" which is 50 minutes. This allows the therapist to make required notes and to review his notes for the next client. Sessions are weekly only, therapeutically this is optimum, allowing the client to keep the work going at a steady pace. Fortnightly sessions also run the risk of big gaps between sessions, especially if a session is missed or counsellor/client is on annual leave.
  • Do you offer a reduced rate?
    I'm afraid there are no reduced rates as I have decided to keep the fee as low as is possible for all. If money is a barrier you can have a few sessions then take an extended break to work on the issues we've identified. Alternatively, if you feel able to approach your church, they may be able to pay for your sessions in full or part.
  • Do you offer video counselling (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.)?
    I do not offer video calls for a number of reasons. 1. There is a significant delay in video calls that make it almost impossible to have a naturally flowing conversation. 2. There is often a poor reception, or other Internet connection issues. 3. Because of the placement of cameras on laptops, PCs, phones, etc. it is impossible to look eachother in the eye whilst conversing, this is therapeutically problematic.
  • Do you offer couples or marriage counselling?
    I no longer offer couples counselling but can highly recommend my colleague Susie Kydd. Her website can be found here:
  • Do I have to sign up for a minimum number of sessions?
    No. You can choose to have any number of sessions but they must be delivered weekly whilst in counselling. You can choose to terminate your counselling at any point up to 24 hours before your next scheduled session. Within 24 hours, cancellation is still charged.
  • Do I have to be in a certain denomination or have a certain theology?
    No. I have been thrilled to counsel brothers and sisters from across multiple denominations, and many whose theology would differ from my own. I do not 'impose' my theology on you but the work may involve exploring how yours effects you and how it can be challenged and/or affirmed.
  • Can I get my church/charity/diocese to pay directly?
    For administration reasons as well as for the client's therapeutic good, I do ask that clients pay directly (as per terms and conditions) and reclaim from their organisation themselves. In extreme circumstances we can arrange for your organisation to pay, but it must be understood by them that payment is due prior to each session or block payment before the first of those sessions. If your organisation requires a covering letter there will be a small administrative charge of £10.
  • Do you perform exorcisms?
    I do not offer this service; I would refer you back to your pastor/leader should you believe you are demon possessed. Exorcisms can take many hours, even over many days, this cannot be structured in to 50-minute, weekly counselling sessions. I can work with those who feel demonic oppression in line with the scripture's teaching on spiritual warfare however (Eph 6:10-18)
  • Can you heal miraculously, raise the dead, or give a prophecy of the future?
    No, I believe that the sign gifts of healing, prophecy, raising of the dead, and speaking and interpretation of tongues were given specifically for the Apostolic era. My position is described as cessationist. This does not mean I cannot work with those of a continuationist or charismatic position, I have done so many times in the past to the great blessing of both client and counsellor.
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